Allot Communications


Allot Communications is all about broadband traffic management solutions for intelligent networks. Designed for carriers, service providers and enterprises, Allot solutions apply deep packet inspection (DPI) technology to transform broadband pipes into smart networks. This creates the visibility and control vital to manage applications and services, guarantee quality of service (QoS), contain operating costs and maximize revenue.

Allot systems enable the fair distribution of bandwidth demanded by the market today. This is achieved through visibility into the root causes of network traffic problems challenging our customers, logical grouping of different data sources and easy report generation to obtain a complete breakdown of network behavior.

Allot offers a mind for networks by building intelligent inspection and control capabilities into all its products, as well as by articulating the expertise, intentional care and exemplary support that the company extends to all customers and business partners.


Allot Service Gateway Sigma

Allot Service Gateway Sigma (SG-Sigma) is a carrier-grade, highly scalable DPI-based platform for broadband optimization and service deployment in fixed and mobile networks. As the next step in the evolution of the Allot Service Gateway approach, SG-Sigma is designed especially for mobile and next-generation networks, providing built in readiness for 3G, 4G/LTE and converged environments.


Allot's award-winning NetEnforcer devices thoroughly inspect, monitor and control the traffic on WAN and broadband networks - per application and per user. NetEnforcer identifies hundreds of applications and protocols, as well as user profiles, and dynamically shapes bandwidth usage according to preset policies.


Allot NetXplorer management software provides a consolidated picture of all traffic on the network. This centralized management system works in harmony with NetEnforcer devices in the network to provide the network business intelligence that is needed for IP service optimization. Its intuitive interface, rich functionality, and wide array of on-demand reports help network operators:

  • Track bandwidth usage, per application and per user
  • Analyze traffic patterns and usage trends
  • Identify malicious traffic and neutralize attacks
  • Translate business decisions into service and traffic control policies
  • and much more...

Subscriber Management Platform (SMP)

The Allot Subscriber Management Platform (SMP) helps service providers build an intelligent broadband network that knows how to deliver the quality of experience that each subscriber expects, while allowing providers to retain control over network usage. The per-subscriber visibility, policy enforcement and quota management provided by Allot SMP is the key to customizing service offerings and maximizing service revenues.

Allot Service Gateway Tera

Allot Service Gateway Tera is a high-performance DPI-based platform built to power the deployment of Digital Lifestyle Services in fixed and mobile data networks that are on the path to software-defined networking (SDN) and cloud-based network services (NFV).


Allot ServiceProtector

Allot ServiceProtector is part of Allot’s portfolio of security services for the digital lifestyle, providing a system for defense against distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, prevention of outbound spam, and containment and cleanup of infected botnet hosts. 

Allot WebSafe Personal

Safe Browsing for the Digital Lifestyle

Allot WebSafe Personal is part of Allot’s portfolio of network-based security solutions for the Digital Lifestyle. Through full integration with Allot Service Gateway, Allot WebSafe Personal enables rapid deployment of value-added, opt-in services that increase customer satisfaction and generate incremental revenue for fixed and mobile service providers.

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