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HID Global are a leading provider of strong authentication and identity management enterprise solutions for all corporate businesses, including government and financial institutions.

Their Identity Assurance solutions offer a broad range of Authentication Devices that interoperate with HID Global’s strong authentication and credential management products.

HID Global’s Authentication Devices include smart cards, smart USB tokens display cards and soft tokens to smart card readers and hardware security modules. HID Global’s Authentication Devices give organisations the flexibility to deploy any combination of devices to best meet their specific business, security and budget requirements.


ActiveID Authentication

ActiveID by HID Global are a range of solutions for multifactor authentication and identity management. ActiveID protects your network from unwanted access by providing authorised personnel with credentials needed to log in securely.

ActiveID Credential Management System

HID Global’s ActivID® Credential Management System enables businesses to authenticate beyond perimeter security. ActivID® CMS enables your IT department to control exactly what individuals have access too. 

HID Cresendo and Seos Smartcards

HID Cresendo and Seos Smartcards secure environments where multiple legacy reader technologies are in place and enable you to upgrade to advanced, more secure technology.

Omnikey Readers

Omnikey products include Contact, Contactless and Multi-Interface Readers for strong authentication access to company infrastructure. HID card readers are computer, software, network or cloud applications.

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