Dtex Systems

Catch breaches and eliminate data theft with answers you can’t get from anywhere else by utilising advanced visibility, intelligence and expert analysis.

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The above three parts are critical to a successful security platform. Dtex combines all of them in a variety of configurations to suit the needs of the modern enterprise.


User Visibility - Dtex’s lightweight collector is scalable, privacy compliant and gives you both online and offline visibility into user behaviour.

User Behaviour Intelligence - Advanced user behaviour intelligence pinpoints suspicious user behaviour. Dtex uses thousands of risk patterns to detect malicious users, negligent users and outside infiltrators.

Expert Analysts - Dtex’s team of expert analysts will monitor and analyze your alerts. They also assist in investigations and provide ongoing tuning and support.


A Complete Platform

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The Dtex Advanced User Behavior Intelligence Platform combines technology, intelligence and services to provide cutting-edge protection from user threats. 

See it in action:


Dtex Signal

Dtex Signal offers direct visibility, without analytics, alerts or managed services. Signal is perfect for enterprises with analytics already in place, or for organisations that are looking for a simple employee monitoring solution.

Dtex Enterprise

Dtex Enterprise builds upon Dtex’s unmatched visibility to form a complete User Threat Detection solution. This plan includes user behavior analytics and thousands of threat patterns. Plus, you get expert analyst support and tuning.

Dtex Platinum

Dtex Platinum is the end-to-end user threat solution. In addition to everything offered in Enterprise, it also includes custom integration with your existing security systems, as well as the highest level of expert analyst support.

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