FileFacets specialise in online privacy compliance and enterprise analytics. They make it easy for businesses to locate and process unstructured content from multiple sources across the enterprise to protect sensitive data and mitigate risk. The FileFacets solution enables businesses to easily achieve data privacy compliance that helps them to stay protected with GDPR.

Their all-in-one platform enables organisations to perform sophisticated data discovery and advanced content search of networks, servers, desktops and laptops. A new and effective way to manage business data - even at a large enterprise level.

How does FileFacets Work?


FileFacets Enterprise ID

FileFacets Enterprise ID allows you to find what you have, keep what you need, protect sensitive data, and monitor for compliance – making it easier to structure content for regulatory compliance and proper information governance.


FileFacets for GDPR Compliance

FileFacets can be used in a number of ways to solve for data protection and information management requirements, from planning through to execution, of a businesses’ GDPR strategy.

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