Open Text Connectivity Solutions (formerly Hummingbird)

Open Text Connectivity solutions products are designed to bridge the gap between legacy systems and enterprise users by delivering the quickest, easiest, and most secure single point of access to UNIX systems, mainframes and AS/400s.

Open Text Connectivity, is the latest release of Open Text solutions providing a complete range of NFS, terminal emulation, PC X server and Security solutions. This launch brings with it robust customer oriented features, matchless security options, visionary highlights and state-of-the-art tools.


Open Text Connectivity features a robust and complete security set across all of its components, in order to help organizations meet their security and compliance objectives.

Employees are companies' most important assets. Open Text Connectivity provides users with unique ways of increasing their productivity while reducing the complexity associated with implementation and delivery.
security productivity

Many organizations with numerous connectivity software vendors have been able to consolidate their needs into one single solution with Open Text Connectivity, helping them realize significant savings on their overall IT budgets.

Regardless of your current connectivity solution, Open Text Connectivity offers you a smooth migration path with minimal business disruption and immediate return on investment.
consolidation migration

OpenText Secure Server

OpenText Secure Server is the ideal solution for companies who are looking to replace their Windows FTP Server with SFTP.

Exceed® Family

The Exceed Family® builds on this tradition by extending the power of Exceed to Windows-based and remote users.

NFS Maestro™ Family

Its unmatched performance-enhanced architecture offers the latest technologies available in the NFS world.

Host Explorer® Family

HostExplorer - Terminal Emulation - Provides the fastest, most robust, and stable connection from a desktop to enterprise hosts.

Hummingbird Security™ Family

Protecting your corporate information and data is our top priority.

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