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WatchGuard are a leading provider in Unified Threat Management, Next Gen Firewall and Secure Wireless solutions. Their portfolio is designed to scale to fit the needs and network capabilities of all business sizes and structures.

WatchGuard actively protect organisations of many sizes, from SMBs with products such as the Firebox T10 and T30, to large and distributed enterprises with products such as the Firebox M4600 and M5600. They also cater for customers needing visibility and advanced security for their Wi-Fi networks.

Unified Threat Management (UTM) from WatchGuard is the industry's highest-performing, all-in-one network security platform. A full-featured, take-no-prisoners, screaming-fast security appliance that scales with your business, fits in your budget, and is easy to distribute across every network.


WatchGuard Firebox

Firebox T10

The WatchGuard Firebox® T10 allows enterprise network security pros to build a new perimeter – one that matches the reality of today's distributed work style. 


Firebox T30 and T50

A leading small business and satelite office UTM security solution. WatchGuard is able to integrate best-of-breed security components into one UTM platform for stronger security at big cost savings.

Firebox M200 and M300

WatchGuard® Firebox® M200 and M300 appliances combine strong security, high performance, unparalleled visibility, and flexible management tools in one affordable solution for small and midsize businesses.

WatchGuard Firebox M400 and M500 Firewalls

Watchguard Firebox M400 and M500 Firewalls, the affordable solution for mid-sized and distributed enterprises. Secure networks without compromising performance.

WatchGuard Firebox M440 Firewall

The Firebox M440 incorporates the same strong security, high performance and flexible management tools that distinguish our other UTM and NGFW solutions, but this model delivers especially robust port density with twenty-five 1Gb Ethernet ports and two 10 Gb SFP+ (fiber) ports. Eight of the ports provide Power over Ethernet (PoE), which is ideal for WatchGuard Access Points.

Firebox M4600 and M5600

WatchGuard have upgraded their Firebox line up and introduced two new heavyweights to the mix. The firebox M4600 and M5600 are now the fastest Firebox appliances ever with a throughput of 60 Gbps and a UTM throughput of 11 Ggbps.

Firebox T70

The WatchGuard Firebox T70 is the fastest performing tabletop appliance available on the market today. The T70 is the only tabletop appliance that is capable of running full UTM services at over 1 gigabit per second, enabling you to keep up with lightning-fast fiber broadband speeds.

WatchGuard Dimension

WatchGuard Dimension

Bringing Big Data Visibility to Network Security
From the C-level office to network administration, business decisions need to be made at light speed. The only effective way to make these decisions in the 21st Century? Visibility.

Security Subscriptions

APT Blocker

WatchGuard APT Blocker is a new service available for all WatchGuard Unified Threat Management (UTM) and Next-Gen Firewall platforms. APT Blocker is one of the industry's most sophisticated platforms for detecting advanced persistent threats and zero day evasive malware.

XTM Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

XTM DLP is a subscription-based service for all XTM appliances. It prevents costly data breaches by scanning text and common file types to detect sensitive information transferred via email, web, and ftp. With over 200 predefined rules and built-in PCI and HIPAA sensors, setting policy is quick and easy.


WatchGuard Threat Detection and Response

WatchGuard’s Threat Detection and Response (TDR) service correlates network and endpoint security events with threat intelligence to detect, prioritise and enable immediate action to stop malware attacks. TDR enables small and midsize businesses and the Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) that support them to confidently remediate advanced malware attacks before business-critical data or organisational productivity is compromised.

WatchGuard Secure Wireless

WatchGuard Secure Wireless

WatchGuard Wi-Fi Cloud solutions are true game-changers in today’s market. They are engineered to provide a safe, protected airspace for Wi-Fi environments, while eliminating administrative headaches and greatly reducing costs. With expansive engagement tools and visibility into business analytics, they deliver the competitive advantage all businesses need to succeed.

Fireware 11.9

WatchGuard Fireware OS

Fireware XTM is the robust operating system that forms the backbone of WatchGuard security solutions. This newest release of their OS, adds even greater levels of security, efficiency, performance and reliability to their products, ensuring your network has the protection, speed, and agility it needs to keep your business in business.


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