Partnering with FileFacets

The FileFacets Partner Program gives you the opportunity to offer the FileFacets intelligent content migration solution as an add-on to the ECM solutions and professional services you are providing to your clients today.

Partnering with FileFacets allows you to complete data and migration implementation projects faster while delivering maximum value to your clients, empowering your organisation to service more clients and ultimately increasing bottom line revenues.

Why Partner with FileFacets?

Saves Time - FileFacets’ automated categorisation and file attribution saves your Professional Services team weeks to months of manual file categorisation, attribution of metadata and content migration.

Increases Productivity - With FileFacets you can be confident that you’re improving the overall quality, speed and delivery of implementations. FileFacets allows you to take on more clients, faster, in a competitive market.

Increases Revenue - Using FileFacets allows you to generate more revenue per ECM implementation and new revenue for your business by expanding your analysis and migration services.

Flexible & Scalable - Tailor FileFacets to your business: bundle with ECM implementations; provide a combination of services and software, or use internally to deliver Professional Services to your clients.

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